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Fixed Window Grilles

Here at PJ metal work we supply, fit and install fixed window grilles to both commercial and residential properties. We are able to give you a free estimate over the phone; we only need a few simple details from you. All we need is the width and height of your windows and if possible a picture, so we can see if you have any obstructions. We will then give you an estimate based on these measurements. If you are happy with the price we will send an engineer to take the final measurements before we let the factory know to start work. It is very rare that the price will change from the measurements you gave us; if the price does change it will only change slightly.

Fixed window grilles are made from solid steel box sections that are welded together and then powder coated for added protection. They will last for many decades to come and will require little to no maintenance at all. Before or after you have your fixed grilles fitted to your windows, you should call your home insurance provider to let them know. In many cases this will help to reduce your home insurance premiums and will definitely deter criminals from targeting your property over other properties without window grilles.

When a thief looks around a neighborhood and chooses a property to break into, the weakest entry point is always the windows and doors. Window grilles not only offer a visual deterrent, they also give you a strong physical barrier and this alone is enough to make a thief move on to find a simpler option. Fixed window grilles are a major breakthrough in the fight against commercial and residential break-ins. Statistics show properties with windows grilles are very rarely targeted and even if they are, the criminal is normally caught in the act. This is simply because they can’t get in or they alert neighbors by making too much noise in trying to do so.

We have a wide range of frame options to suit all your needs. Depending on the fixtures required for the grilles we also have an option for standoff legs, so the grilles stand off from the wall and allow your windows to open. The solid steel bars are generally reveal or face fixed to the brick work. All of our metalwork is made from the highest quality of steel, so you can rest assured your job is not only made to measure, but also built to stand the test of time.

You can choose from many different designs and the price will change accordingly. If you choose to have a fancy design with many scrolls, this will increase the price of your metal work. You may also choose if you would like to have square box sections or round bars depending on your personal taste. As mentioned earlier all metal work is powder coated for added protection and you can also choose which colour you would like to have your grilles from a RAL colour chart. If unsure of what type of design you would like, feel free to give us a call. Another alternative is to have a walk around your neighborhood and take a picture of a design you like, send it to us and the factory will be happy to match this design for you.

Our Services

Our services include, but are not limited to; Metal Gates and Railings, Balconies & Canopies, Fences, Security Gates & Grilles, Repairs, Welding & More. We put alot of care and attention into our products and are proud of the bespoke designs we create.

Commercial, Industrial & Residential Projects.

With such an expert team ready and waiting to meet your metal fabrication needs, there really is no question of who you should choose for your metal work project. We are innovative and take pride in creating bespoke designs. We have served so many commercial, residential, and industrial customers over the years for a reason. 

Fully Insured and Certified

We are a fully insured and certified company and issue RAM’s reports where needed. Health and Safety of our employees and customers is a priority to us. We have taken the necessary measures to ensure we have created a safe environment to work in during the Covid-19 Pandemic. If you have any questions please contact us.

A Complete Service

We offer a complete service from supply and design through to installation. We offer a warranty on our products and services – please contact us to discuss this further.

Repair & Weld

We are able to work not just with new projects, but with existing structures to. We offer a repair and weld service and are happy to visit you onsite to if there is adequate space to carry out the repairs. We hope that by providing mobile welding, our work can be as unobtrusive to you and your business as possible. We hope to create as little disruption, and as much utility as possible.

Competitive Pricing

At PJ Metalworks, we never want our quality 
workmanship to break the bank. That is why we are dedicated to highly competitive pricing. We do not think you will find such high quality metal working at a reasonable price anywhere else.
We are always open to discussing our prices with our customers, as we know each project is unique to itself. We work within your budget, without compromising on quality.

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