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We are the experts in fabrication and designing of bespoke metalwork at our workshop based in London. With over 20 year’s experience, you can trust us to turn your visions into reality from your initial designs, we can advise you on choosing the right materials, finishes and custom fixings and brackets. We provide a variety of different fencing options for clients all over the UK and have 100% success rate of extremely happy customers.

Are you in search of the best quality steel metal fencing that can give you complete peace of mind and security? Unlike wooden fencing, steel fencing can continue on and will not rust and will last for decades to come. For security purposes metal fencing is the most superior, comparing to other materials; steel offers the most versatile option. Wooden fencing is not only high maintenance; it will rot over time due to weather conditions. Designed, fabricated and installed to any boundary and perimeter, they add safety, value and security where matters most to you.

Why choose a metal fence and what purpose does it serve? There is no doubt that metal fencing around the perimeter of your property is the most powerful way of maintaining the security and privacy of your premises. They also offer an aesthetic appearance for your business exteriors as well as protecting your business or land. Therefore, it is very important that you choose the right type of fence. Having a metal fence is hard wearing and sturdy, and will stand the test of time and withstand any weather conditions. Powder coating is applied to add colour and protecting to the metal from rust and the harsh UK weather.

Steel Palisade fencing is ideal for those that require high level of security for their premises. Palisade fences provide superior protection with a variety of height options at competitive prices. This type of fencing is popular with industrial properties; however they can be used for domestic and certain areas where vandalism is at risk. For businesses with security issues, adding different head options such arrow heads, this will be a great visual deterrent as well as physical. This protects the property due to the sharp, pointed ends and prevents potential intruders from jumping over.

Ornamental Fencing is designed to provide a more aesthetic grace and form over the more traditional fencing. Both have the strength and durability and can be galvanized and powder coated to the colour of your choice. Adding metal fencing panels can also add a higher level of privacy to even a classical designed fence. We manufacture a range of different styles with different finials.

We provide many different fencing designs made by heating the steel into different shapes and designs in our Factory in London. This labor is a heavy process and drives up the price, however allows unlimited customization options. Our elegant fences have graced businesses for decades, we have many styles to suit your taste and needs. The fence heads we provide are flattop, arched top, fleur de lis, spear head, Ball top finish, straight top and ornamental. Steel fences are the most durable and functional of them all. They also can keep pets in whilst keeping unwanted animals out.

Maybe you’re trying to decide on what type of metal fence would best suit your needs and requirements. Things to consider before choosing a metal fence:-

COST. The cost may be more to begin with, however in the long run the longevity of a steel fence is for a lifetime, installing a wooden fence or a cheap chain link fence won’t serve a security purpose.

AESTHETIC APPEAL. Metal fences range from traditional to classic designs, however the more intricate designs come with a higher price tag.

PRIVACY AND VISIBILITY. Most metal Fences have good visibility, which is ideal when you do not want to block the view. There are privacy options to add such as slats or screens, fences with built in privacy tend to be more costly.

SECURITY. Metal fences are secure enough to keep children safely contained and pets at bay, however you need to be mindful of the space between the pickets. When selecting a fence, chose one that isn’t easy to climb, or has finials on top to prevent intruders.

DURABILITY. Steel is amongst the strongest metal to choose from as it is durable, and can face any weather conditions, adding a galvanized coating can also keep its longevity.

LANDSCAPING. Nature can interfere with fencing plans, if your garden has bodies of water. You will need to insure your fencing material won’t rust from the extra moisture of your lawn.

EASE OF INSTALLATION. You can build a chain and wire fencing yourself, when it comes to the fabrication of steel fencing you will need a professional fabrications company to make your fence to order and install them for you.

MAINTENANCE NEEDS. No fencing is 100% maintenance free, although metal fencing requires less maintenance than other materials, make sure you choose a metal that is prone not to rust, you may need to have it coated to keep its resistance.

Our Services

Our services include, but are not limited to; Metal Gates and Railings, Balconies & Canopies, Fences, Security Gates & Grilles, Repairs, Welding & More. We put alot of care and attention into our products and are proud of the bespoke designs we create.

Commercial, Industrial & Residential Projects.

With such an expert team ready and waiting to meet your metal fabrication needs, there really is no question of who you should choose for your metal work project. We are innovative and take pride in creating bespoke designs. We have served so many commercial, residential, and industrial customers over the years for a reason. 

Fully Insured and Certified

We are a fully insured and certified company and issue RAM’s reports where needed. Health and Safety of our employees and customers is a priority to us. We have taken the necessary measures to ensure we have created a safe environment to work in during the Covid-19 Pandemic. If you have any questions please contact us.

A Complete Service

We offer a complete service from supply and design through to installation. We offer a warranty on our products and services – please contact us to discuss this further.

Repair & Weld

We are able to work not just with new projects, but with existing structures to. We offer a repair and weld service and are happy to visit you onsite to if there is adequate space to carry out the repairs. We hope that by providing mobile welding, our work can be as unobtrusive to you and your business as possible. We hope to create as little disruption, and as much utility as possible.

Competitive Pricing

At PJ Metalworks, we never want our quality 
workmanship to break the bank. That is why we are dedicated to highly competitive pricing. We do not think you will find such high quality metal working at a reasonable price anywhere else.
We are always open to discussing our prices with our customers, as we know each project is unique to itself. We work within your budget, without compromising on quality.

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